Decree Establishing the Accademia Internazionale Melitense

Decree no 22642 - Session of the Sovereign Council of 29 February 2000

Subject: Accademia Internazionale Melitense

Considering the activity which has developed in recent years in the historical and scientific sectors connected to the Order of Malta and its "Centri di Studi Melitensi" in Magione and Taranto;
Considering the possibility of hosting scientific contributions and research activities in Fort St. Angelo which, back in the possession of the Knights, has recently been restored;
Considering that useful studies of historical and scientific interest to the Sovereign Order have been carried out in co-operation with the Universities of various countries;
Deciding that it appears advisable to co-ordinate such spontaneous initiatives, also encouraging the publication of any information concerning the recent history of the Order with respect to its international, historical and scientific activites.

Prince and Grand Master
with the assistance of the Sovereign Council
which has expressed its favourable opinion thereon
as follows:

Article 1
The "Accademia Internazionale Melitense" is hereby established
Article 2
The seat of the Academy is in Fort St. Angelo in Malta. Its activities may also be carried out in other locations.
Article 3
The Academy is funded by the organisations of the Order which will become members thereof.
Article 4

The purpose of the Academy is as follows:

a - to promote religious, historical and artistic studies relating to the territories of the Grand Priories of the Order to know the relationships occurring over the centuries between these territories and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and to develop the same in the future.

b - to promote religious, artistic and technical studies relating to the presence of the Order in the world, and in particular with respect to the activities carried out by National Associations and Embassies.

c - to organize conventions, seminars and lectures, on issues concerning the history of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in the territories of the Grand Priories and Associations.

d - to publish original essays and research studies contributing to the knowledge of the history of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta also with reference to the Grand Priories and the present National Associations.

e - to establish a specialised library and an archive, meeting the scientific requirements of the Academy, in the magistral residence of Magione. In furtherance of its purposes, the Academy may co-operate with other scientific institutions.

f - to develop proposals aimed at underlining, within the context of Grand Priories and National Associations, the relevance of the many aspects of the modern role of the Order, and to prepare pertinent implementation projects by organising activities deemed suitable for the achievement of the Academy's aims.

g - to organise training courses for the Order's diplomatic Corps, given by experts in diplomatic and international law, selected by the Scientific Committee mentioned in Art. 9, in accordance with the Grand Magistry and financed within the limits fixed by the Board of Directors mentioned in Art. 7.

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