(Rivista Internazionale - December 1995: The Order of Malta at the General Assembly of the United Nations - 1/3)

United Nations

The Order of Malta at the General Assembly of the United Nations
The Order's Commitment to the Community of Nations

New York. Count Carlo Marullo di Condojanni during his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations, representing H.M.E.H. the Prince and Grand Master.

The testimony of a constant and meaningful commitment to the community of nations was stressed by the presence of H.M.E.H., the Prince and Grand Master, Fra' Andrew Bertie, accompanied by the Receiver of the Common Treasure, Count Carlo Marullo di Condojanni and the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Amb. Luciano Koch, at the celebrations in New York for the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations.
The Grand Master attended the solemn High Mass concelebrated by the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, in St. Patrick's Cathedral, which all the Heads of State present in New York for the occasion attended.
In his speech in the United Nations headquarters during the General Assembly of 22 October, Count Marullo, representing the Grand Master, pointed out that the vocation of the Order of Malta is a vocation of assistance and solidarity towards the suffering and the weak, the victims of discrimination and intolerance; humanitarian aid is understood by the Order as safeguarding the fundamental human values and as an indispensable instrument for ensuring peace and international security.

Rwanda. A refugee camp set up by the Order for Rwandese refugees.

Thanks to its political neutrality and supranational character, Count Marullo continued, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta can perform an action of peace and mediation, respectful of dialogue and comprehension among peoples. The Order of Malta, in its function as Permanent Observer, is willing and able to co-operate with the United Nations in the field of humanitarian assistance, in particular arranging forms of medical aid to support peace operations.
The Order of Malta's delegation had bilateral inter-governmental talks and numerous important meetings, including significant ones with the Secretary General of the United Nations, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the Under-Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs and Co-ordinator for Emergencies, Peter Hansen, the Representative of Italy, Amb. Paolo Francesco Fulci and the Mayor of New York, Rudolf Giuliani. While staying in New York, the delegation members were the guests of the Executive Manager of the American Association, Henry J. Humphrey, of Amb. Pierre E. Awad, the Order's Permanent Observer to the United Nations, and of Amb. Gianluigi Quentin, Deputy Permanent Observer.
The text of the speech of Count Carlo Marullo di Condojanni to the UN General Assembly in New York on the afternoon of 22 October is given here.

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