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Apex of the millenium "survival, spiritual elevation of the man, concrete adhesion to the Paper of the Rights of the Man"

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta

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"Survival, spiritual elevation of man,
actual accession to the Charter of Human Rights "
Summit of Heads of State and Government at the United Nations for the Millennium
General Assembly session in New York from 6 to 8 September 2000
New York. Shareholders' meeting of the United Nations. The heads of re-united State and Government in occasion of the Millennium Summit, to which he has taken leave the Great Chancellor Amb. Don Carlo Marullo di Condojanni.

These the three points key of the participation of the Great Chancellor of the Order of Malta, Amb. Don Carl Marullo di Condojanni, to the Apex of the Heads of State and Government to the United Nations for the Millenium, svoltosi in the 55 opening of Session of the Shareholders' meeting to New York from the 6 to the 8 september. The Conte Carl Marullo has turned to the Shareholders' meeting the address that of continuation we bring back: "Mr. Presidente, the occasion offered from the Millennium Summit allows to consider the perspective effective of evolution, in connection with the programs exposed from the International Community, with respect to the many problems that the people of the world, today, must face, in great part without to find one adequate solution.

New York. Palace of Glass of the United Nations. The participation of the Great Chancellor Amb. Don Carl Marullo di Condojanni to the Shareholders' meeting of the United Nations in the occsione of the Millennium Summit.

The Monarch the Military Order of Malta, in the rallegrar with the Secretary General for the high content moral and of address of the its speech, want remember, with great humility, to the Head of State and to the Head of Government here summoned person, some priority, in the conviction that, just return to house, as have say the Secretary General, it profondano all the their energy, use the their power, so that difference and omission attenuate especially in this phase of the history of the humanity in which the globalization of the market, if not govern adequate, can lead to a aggravation of the imbalance existing, render more rich the Country already rich and more poor those already poor. A lot will depend on the way in which the new biotechnologies applied to an agriculture will be taken advantage of, than will not have to become one new mine for the exploitation from part of little already rich and powerful Countries, but they will have to be put to the service of the humanity, in the respect, in any case, of the fundamental laws of the nature, therefore not to upset the ecosystem, addressing it, instead, in the direction of a harmonic and controlled development, that it guarantees to the poor Countries a easier access to means of production and, therefore, if not the solution, of sure, the improvement of a secular and chronic problem that cannot more being tolerated from all those people to heart the fates of the humanity. If we watch therefore with great hope to the plans for the reduction of the hunger in the world, for the improvement of the quality of the life, through an at least sufficient feeding and somministrazione of drugs, it must not lose sight, to here of the aspects of survival, those that concerns to the spiritual elevation of the man, under the intellectual profile and therefore the right to the instruction, under the social profile and therefore coming less than every discrimination, under the profile of the right to living with the necessary guarantees, also on the plan of the justice in meant the more high than this word. E' this, of other part, one of the scopes for which the United Nations are NATO, figuring between of they, express, favoring consistent behaviors to the justice principles. Also the civil so-called States, in this world that shows oneself to the new millenium, are unfortunately sometimes in delay in guaranteeing to the people one effective justice. They professano, but a formal adhesion to the Paper of the Rights of the Man, but they then tread on such rights every time that they do not guarantee processes expresses and they allow in the penal judgments the use of shapes of preventive carcerazione, without limits